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EEZY publishing house has just issued within the new series STAVBA („Construction“) a trilogy on defects and faults of roofs. It is focused especially on flat roofs, namely according to the new Czech standards ČSN 73 1901 – Designing of roofs. The first two books include the review of defects of basic waterproofing materials, i.e. bitumen membranes and single ply waterproofing systems, which are analysed, and whose basic causes are discussed here.

Pic. No. 1 – Front pages of both books just issued

The present situation at the Czech construction market – and not only there – brings about defects and faults that are part of the ordinary construction life and that have to be constantly solved. It is very complicated to avoid defects and any related problems in our climatic and legal environment, and solving them is then not at all simple, and takes a long time. Therefore, prevention is very important in order to eliminate their occurrence or at least reduce such risk.

The third book of this trilogy will be issued at the turn of the year, and it will deal with defects and faults of flat roofs as a whole. That is, it completes the review of waterproofing systems defects by other parts of flat roofs which are liable to failure.

This trilogy concentrates information on defects and faults of roof waterproofing that will currently occur. Variety and frequency of occurrence of defects have been diversely developing in the course of years. The present situation shows the obvious fact that skilled craftsmen are missing in our country. This void as combined with the cheapest materials and technologies makes rather deadly combination that gives rise to the most frequent causes of failure occurrence.